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Homework Club International is a space where young people aged 6-24 years from all backgrounds receive homework assistance and working of past-paper / worksheets, appropriate to the subject matter from our tutors.  It provides an opportunity for revision not only for student's exams, but throughout the year in a relaxed, friendly and cooperative learning environment for those studying.

During the winter term, students can be directly dropped off from school to our location with some unwinding time and a light lunch being provided on arrival. Slots may be chosen to be 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours long. Students are given a 15 minute break every hour, as we strongly believe that regular, short breaks can help them focus, increase their productivity, and reduce their stress. 

During the summer term, students will be covering sessions once or twice a week, with a planned schedule covering multiple subjects throughout Summer.



We provide homework and assignment help covering most subjects and levels.


“Groups were very small. It allowed me to get my homework done whilst being able to ask any questions I had.” Donna Snell, Student, Malta

“My tutor helped me with  my university assignments. ” Carina Santi, Student, Malta

“This was a truly life-changing experience. It has taught me how to concentrate on my work and get things done!” Brittany Smith, Student, Malta

"A major turning point in my child's education. He has been able to get all his homework done in time and correctly for a whole year." Alex Higgins, Parent, Malta


Our current tutors are in:


Is your country not listed? Don't worry! We can either provide online help and/or source for a tutor to help you in person, in your country. Just contact us here, with your query.

Would you like to run a homework club in your country? Learn about becoming a homework club organiser in your country.


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